Posted on: March 12, 2008 5:29 pm


Hey, sorry I havent posted in a while. I have been working on articles trying to secure a position with a website. I will just quickly post all my picks tonight. Instead of going with my favorite games I will provide them all. My picks will be in BOLD. I will put a * beside favorable games


LAC @ ORL -14.5                         -3 NYK @ MIA                      CHA @ DAL -10.5

-4.5 HOU @  ATL                          -4.5 CLE @ NJ                     MEM @ DEN -16

SEA @ BOS -18                            SA @ NWO -1.5                    TOR @ G.S. -10

PHI @ DET -8                              -8 UTAH @ MIL


TOR @ PHI                        NYI @ FLA

CGY @ WSH                     CAR @ CHI

BUF @ PIT                     VAN @ ANA


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Posted on: March 1, 2008 5:36 pm


I now know that Utah is going no where come playoff time. My initial instinct was to take New Orleans on that one too don't know how I talked myself into liking Utah so much. Another pathetic day, not nearly as pathetic tho at 3-4. I will be posting my picks ASAP. I really should of put Portland on the moneyline as the upset special I liked their chances.  The last two days I have put forth a garbage effort in my homework, been taking short cuts that I don't normally take which has led to a combined 4-8 record. Sparkling. I wont be cutting any corners any time soon, look for improvement.

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Posted on: February 29, 2008 7:48 pm

Trying to get back on the horse

Hey, this blog will also be very brief. It will also only consist of the nba, I didn't do any homework on the other sports. I'm going to take Utah + 4 at New Orleans. Now I'm contradicting myself and stuff, I KNOW Utah has an awful road record which is why I don't like to play them on the road, especially against a high octane team like New Orleans. They give up an average of ten more points/game on the road that scares me a lil. I liked how Utah overcame that deficit to defeat the Pistons,(granted it was at home) If they can't do anything with that type of momentum on the road than I don't like their chances of getting out of any series they dont have home-court advantage in. Golden State does not beat up on too many teams I've noticed, I tend to shy away from them in any spread over 5. That changes tonight though, I think they will win by about 12 hosting the 76ers tonight and I will have to take them to cover the 7. I will take Houston -12.5 as I believe they will keep up the pace for a week or two before fading minus Yao. Teams tend to step it up for a short spurt before fading. I will take Denver -14 hosting the Clippers.  Dallas -9.5 hosting the Kings.  Seattle - 1 and Portland +10 sorry for being so brief im angry as hell right now and rushing. good luck


Golden State - 7

Houston -12.5

Denver -14

Dallas - 9.5

Seattle -1

Portland + 10

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Posted on: February 29, 2008 1:00 am

Drank a lil too much

Didn't get around to posting picks, there wasn't that much on the card, so I just had a guys night out trying to forget yesterdays pathetic effort. I promise much better than 1-4, im the type to go 4-1 that was just outta character. Oh well, I'm only human. I will do my best to post this weekend, I am young and weekend is prime time for me so I  have a crazy weekend planned. Please someone offer me a shot writing a column on your website. I will not disappoint, it's more of a passion, I would be willing to start at next to nothing my picks make me enough money to sustain myself.

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Posted on: February 28, 2008 3:40 pm

LMAO Nostradamus? need to simmer down.

I must have jinxed myself yesterday with all that bragging.. 1-4 is pretty pathetic. Shaq definitely reinforced my thinking that he is not a good pickup for the Suns and they would be better off with Marion. I still thought they could play to a one possession game with New Orleans struggling. I should of known though with Shaq playing back to back games.  My apologies if you chose that day to start listening to me. Can't win everyday. I was able to salvage a little bit by going 4-2 on my unposted picks however that's a moot point.  Which makes me wonder, would you like me to post all my picks or just my favorite ones as I have been doing. I promise there will be no more 1-4's. My record took a beating, stands at  a combined 15-8, OUCH.  Still pretty good for a week though depending on what type of units you are betting. It's been close to a 1000 dollar week for me so far since Saturday. I think I may begin to only bet on the picks I post here. Or if you guys want to see all my picks, let me know by adding a comment. I definitely would say I hit a higher percentage of my my favorite picks but on days like yesterday my other picks can sometimes balance it all out.  I expect to have my blog up around 6 oclock today.

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Posted on: February 27, 2008 6:21 pm

Entry 5- Heating Up

           I'm making myself look like Nostradamus. Not sure I can keep this pace every day.  I like Detroit + 2 at Utah. I know how great Utah is at home they are a totally different team. I just like Detroit whenever they are facing a challenge, if they are getting points I feel it is a gift I am playing them for much of the same reason why I took them @ Denver earlier this week.  I am also going to take the dreadful Clippers -2 taking on Portland in LA. I am taking this based on the fact that Portland has a young team and they have been on a big slide, I feel their lack of experience is what is stopping them from putting a stop to it. LA is much older and I don't  think they will be doing them any favours.   I think Phoenix can cover the 3.5 @ New orleans I expect it to be a one possession game so I have to take the points there. Shaq does not impress me though. I also will be taking the 76ers + 1.5 hosting the Magic. Orlando just beat up on them last week which makes me think Philadelphia will try and redeem themselves, combined with the fact Orlando might be on heavy legs after playing New Jersey last night.  I don't like much in the way of hockey. I will most likely take Columbus on the money line @ home to San Jose.

Detroit Pistons +2

L.A. Clippers -2

Phoenix Suns + 3.5

Philadelphia 76ers + 1.5

Columbus Blue Jackets- ML

Overall Record: 12-4 (2-0)  NBA: 5-1 (1-0)  NHL: 4-1 (1-0)  CBK: 3-2


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Posted on: February 26, 2008 7:31 pm

4th Entry- Did pretty good last night

I must say I did pretty good last night. I was on the money with everything. A couple of nice picks I didn't feel comfortable to post last night also. Tonight I am kinda torn. I'm not that positive on anything. I still found a couple that I am willing to post. Utah's road game is pretty pathetic which makes me  like Minnesota + 8 hosting the Jazz.  I will also take the points with New Jersey getting 5 at home to Orlando.  Shifting over to Hockey, which I find is pretty slim pickings for today.  I will take the Bruins on the money line at home to Ottawa. Back to back games for Ottawa and the Bruins have been playing well. I will take Edmonton straight up hosting the Red wings. I'm sure Detroit will just be happy to get this awful road trip over with. On the money line I will also Dallas on the road in St. Louis. My goal is to go 2-1 on the hockey side today as there isnt too much I like.  My upset special for the night is Minnesota to win out right on the money line hosting the Jazz.


Minnesota Timberwolves + 8

New Jersey Nets + 5

Boston Bruins- ML

Edmonton Oilers- ML

Dallas Stars- ML

Upset Special- Minnesota Timberwolves ML


Overall Record- 8-3 (1-0)                       NBA-4-0             NCAA:3-2              NHL- 1-1 (1-0)

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Posted on: February 25, 2008 7:07 pm

Third Entry

Running short again my apologies. I'm only trying to establish credibility right now anyways. Not trying to help you guys out just yet lol. I think Toronto -2.5 at Indiana is the play. Indiana is just awful not too much else to say. I also like Detroit + 2 at Denver. Denver's 22-6 home record scares me, however Detroit is one of those teams that rises to the competition and I think Denver is talented enough to motivate them. I also believe that San Antonio-13 hosting the Hawks is the play. Atlanta has folded up against their competition lately.  I am considering adding an upset pick every entry against the money line. However I will not include it in my actual overall win loss record but I will keep track of them  them off to the side in brackets. Todays upset special I like Philadelphia Flyers to end their dramatic slide at Buffalo minus their top scorer. I think it will be a close game possibly a shootout.

Toronto Raptors -2.5

Detroit Pistons +2

San Antonio Spurs -13

Upset- Philadelphia Flyers- ML

Record to date: 5-3                  NCAA: 3-2                    NHL: 1-1           NBA: 1-0


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